Hogeschool Rotterdam Extension

Jeffrey Top
University of Curaçao mr. dr. Moises Frumencio da Costa Gomez (UoC)

Project idea

We call this assignment: "optopping" in Dutch. This means a vertical extension/addition that is added on top of the original building which in this case is my schoolbuilding. The goal is to creat new functions that are not existing yet in the builiding and reclassificate the spaces. Apart from the spatial aspect, we also look at the constructive part such as materials, building technics, circular materials etc.

Project description

Creating a mixed space for teachers and students, but also creating spaces that both students and teachers miss in their learning or working environment. the extension should provide more relief, because the existing building is mainly closed. In order not to lose the attention of students because of the stunning view, wooden louvers are placed. The wooden louvers provide separation but also daylight. In addition, between the facade and curtain wall is a balcony made for the students to take in fresh air and enjoy the plants.

Technical information

In this project I have chosen 3 elements that have all the properties for modular and circular construction: wood, steel, glass. The construction of the extension should cause as little inconvenience as possible in terms of time and inconvenience to residents, students and traffic users. The wooden facades with plants still give the students a warm homely feeling.

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