Aya Hossam
Department of Architecture of the Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University in Abbaseya, Cairo

Project idea

The project is a touristic complex located in Galala, Egypt, The site is a new city built by the government to set up new investment projects and work as an urban expansion to the capital. The urban fabric surrounding the chosen site is a mix of the red sea and mountains. The design proposal hosts an attempt for new design ideas to enrich the educational tourism sector specially after the pandemic using a mixture of computational approaches and traditional design processes, both influencing the mass and the interior spaces, with respect to green approaches to enhance the design quality on spaces and influencing the user's experience and their journey through the whole project.

Project description

The solution came with sustainable aspect in mind. First, the interior would be affected to decrease social gathering by the use of linear routes in the user's circulation. Secondly, the mass treatment would respect bringing the journey from the outside to the inside by making porous semi shaded cores called atriums and would also work as a cross ventilation element for the mass. Thirdly, the semi shaded outdoor space is affected by the solar radiation to enhance the journey from the outside as well as the inside and allow the building to breath. The facade also would host the parametric pattern that works well with the green futuristic approach.
The site was chosen to be an extension of the medical city in new galala city , which affected the space programme to host research center with accommodation to researchers, conference hall to host events for the medical community that complete the targeted group of adult and professionals in this field. on the other hand, the exhibition halls displays elements in innovative ways by the use of digital light to form sculptures, held up materials and digital screens all function as exhibits about viruses, this enhances the level of awareness and scientific education for the kids, cinema and recording studio plays an entertainment factor for both the young and adult groups, user's will be asked for recording shots about their feelings during the pandemic and how it affected them, they are allowed to express their feeling in their own way, further on these moments will be displayed in a the form of a documentary movie in cinema halls.

Technical information

Voronoi pattern resembles the computational approach to reflect the futuristic aspect influenced by the analysis of the form of rock layer around the context, they usually form irregular lines, this was reflected on the design and mass generation.
Solar radiation analysis was done to affect the pattern on facade to reach the best configiration for light and heat to enter the building, this affected the shape of openings and placing of them.

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