University of Science, Malaysia (USM), School Of Housing, Building And Planning (HBP), Architecture Department. Minden, Penang

Project idea

Youth Centers are facilities designed to provide a safe, informal and supervised environment for young people. They accommodate unstructured social interaction among different age groups and provide the space to offer more structured activities. By giving youth the opportunity to take part in recreational and cultural activities or vocational counseling, these centers help them develop their physical, social, emotional, and cognitive abilities and to experience achievement, enjoyment, friendship, and recognition. The aim is focuses on nurturing the youth to create impact to the community and aim to equip them with life skills, opportunities to meet people from different backgrounds, gain new experiences and have fun along the way. The objective of the project is To achieve an edutainment space and design for all needs.

Project description

Culture & Religion
- In addition to meeting the primary function needs, the design is work for everyday use and an alternative life cycle function to be financially viable.

Hospitality & Memory
- The design create a memorable stay and become a powerfool tool for communicating a brand's message.

Digital & Physical
- Design innovative, appealing spaces and places that allow for a seamless transition from the physical to digital realm.

- Design tp reduce the overcrowding of users and good wayfinding. The design needs to waces with good access to natural daylight and ventilation.

Flow & Passive Air/ Light
- The design supports clear channels for circulation and flow to support safe movement and minimize transmission risk.

- Automatic via elevators is not just used by people in wheelchairs.

Technical information

This project uses materials from local materials. A simple design but capable of impacting the youth and the community.

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