University of Science, Malaysia (USM), School Of Housing, Building And Planning (HBP), Architecture Department. Minden, Penang

Project idea

The culture of each society is identified through its manifestations such as language, art, and architecture. Architecture as a matter of human life reflects the culture in every society interacting closely with structural, historical, political, economic, and social features of the society. This art and trade center aims to provide facilities for public to experience the Malay culture in Malaysia and promotes unity in diversity as well as explore their potential, interest, creativity in art and trade. The objective of this project is :
- To design a building and activities that represent and unite the diversity of multicultural atmosphere.
- To explore the design and sustainable approach which can be merge the building with existing site context.
- To identified the functions, layout and activities in existing cultural, trade and art center to be incorporated into building design

Project description

The project propose a dying art & trade center that designed to bring the people close to the heritage of art & trade and experience. The building will be act as a center for further explore the richness of arts and culture in Melaka. It also harmonize the center with the existing cultural context.

Technical information

This project uses materials from local. The design that does not exceed the limits of the architecture of the state of Melaka indirectly introduces to tourists the identity and greatness of Malay architecture.

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