Arbnor Sahiti
University for Business and Technology - UBT

Project idea

In our country everyone claims to live in the nearest parts of the city because of the better opportunities for employment, schooling and many other things, considering the passing of a tiring day from morning to evening, most of people after finishing work or another engagement, to relax from daily engagements think to have comfort, tranquility, landscape in their homes.
The idea of these 3 underground houses on steep terrain, is to meet the conditions of family members who will use these houses. The concept of underground houses is whatever you want
to exploit in nature to turn it into another form.

Project description

The house mainly consists of 2 floors, B + P.
The house will have a main entrance to the garage for cars and the main entrance to the persons who will use the house. The house will also contain an atrium for the use of lighting
natural. At the entrance of the house we will have a recreation room and a bar to cool off, then we can move with floors on the bottom where we will go down to the living room - dining room and kitchen. The house has facilities such as fitness, sauna, recreation area, bar,
swimming pool etc.

Technical information

I used ArchiCAD 23, Lumion 11, SketchUp 2019 Pro, and Photoshop for the digital aspect of the project.


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