Resurgence - A Disaster Management Research and Educational Centre

Afreen Shehthaj
Abu Dhabi University, Department of Architecture and Design, College of Engineering and Computer Science, Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates

Project idea

Abu Dhabi has been the epitome for astounding urban development for the past few years. However, the growth of any nation comes with some defects, such as environmental degradation, pollution, explosion to name a few. These situations combined with unpredicted causality are going to prove disastrous for any city. Moreover, the pandemic has been a drive to redefine the resilience status of the region.

So, this progressive capital requires a centre like “Resurgence” that not only manages a set of frequently occurring problems but prepares the residents for any future calamity.

Project description

The goal would be achieved by getting the public involved, which will increase community attachment and educate them on how to act when a tragedy strikes.

The design of Resurgence is derived from the context, as the evolution of the masses is inspired by the vicinity. In addition, a strong conceptual base also has a huge impact on the design. Sustainability has been a major motive for creating the centre.

To sum up, “Resurgence” would use architecture to create an educational and research hub that will inculcate a basic human understanding of frequently occurring disasters in the region and improve the emergency decision-making process.

Technical information

Sustainability has been the prime concern for designing Resurgence. In addition, the entire center follows a structural grid of 10*10m , with columns and beams being the primary source of the structure supporting the floors and slanted roofs.

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