Urban Design and Landscape

Modular Cube

Marija Vojisavljevic
University of Kragujevac

Project idea

As a starting point of the presented project, it was analyzed the floor treatment in the form of a checkerboard style and an ornament from the Renaissance art period. The analysis of the mentioned elements formed the idea of the shape of the space, which is seen in the form of a pavilion separate, the main element of the space of the pavilion called Modular cube.
The design of this modular element is specific due to its multiple purposes. The modules consist of aluminum profiles that continue on top of each other, where by continuing the aluminum profiles, the pavilion structure is set up in space according to the needs of users.
An integral element of the Modular Cube is a mobile board whose specificity is reflected in the fact that the user is given the opportunity to individually set it based on their own needs (sitting, counter, awning, or an exhibition panel).
This module separator is suitable because it can be found both, in the interior or exterior.

Project description

During the projecting of Modular Cube the focus was on design pavilion separation which is easy for montage and demontage - the pavilion structure is set up in space according to the needs of users.

Technical information

I used ArchiCAD 20, Lumion 8 Pro and Photoshop for the digital aspect of the project.

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