Alejandro Cárdenas
ITESM, dep. of architecture

Project idea

Marketing is the main source of human coexistence, its roots go back to the very beginnings of humanity, and therefore it is a fundamental part of our day-to-day. In Mexico, the perception of the local market has been converted into a stereotype that alludes to unhealthy and lack of planning, characterized by hardly accessible and democratized spaces.

The difference between “gourmet” and a local market has gentrified the accessibility of markets and has made them an exclusive coexistence point for certain sectors of society. From this understanding, the conceptual project sought to make a study of the local market as a meeting point; a space that is permeable and accessible, connected to the city, and characterized by dignified and appropriate spaces for marketing activities.

Project description

The project is proposed as a grid that distributes the market in a branching manner, the distribution lines for products and services start from a centralized block; where inputs are received and unloaded. From this scheme, a series of branches was generated that constitute the secondary circulations, which are accompanied by skylights of diffused light. The intention was to formalize the local market without aggravating the folklore of the Mexican market.

Thus, in the center of the market, there is a flexible space: a multipurpose patio for the experience of recreational activities and commercial organization, as well as for the presence of ephemeral marketing.

Technical information

For the technical solution, it was proposed a hybrid structure of wood and metal, on which the shaped roof is placed, from it, water and the solar incidence is collected while functioning as an upper structure that brings shelter for the modular businesses premises below; which are independent of the wood structure and stand as a scheme of floated like alike umbrella structure ceilings where de necessary installations for marketing are housed.


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