Jetty in The City : Re-Connecting City and Riverfront

Muhammad arib affan Mohd Hamzan

Project idea

Jetty in The City, Jetty represents the building program that will be an anchor program for the development of the riverfront through water transportation at Kampong Bharu. City means Urban issue development that makes people forget about Klang River, one of the best landscape elements in Kampong Bharu and the city. It is because fast action in Kuala Lumpur had taken place over the years, especially during the post-independent era. Kampong Baru was called the village in The City because of the development surrounding mega-development areas with high-rise developments of KLCC. In urban studies for this semester, we identify City developments overgrew and were uncontrolled to the extent of forgoing or scarifying the natural heritage, explicitly speaking the river that was once the city's lifeline in the olden days.

Project description

In the early 1900s, the introduction of the motor transportation system in Malaysia. The road and rail systems had taken over the function of the river. Besides that, make people in Kampong Bharu forget the Klang River as the main route. The Klang River at the area where AKLEH was built was also totally blocked both physically and visually from the river and Kampong Bharu. A river must be served to the public and one of the elements for tourist attraction. The aim of this study is to identify the potential of Jetty as a water transportation hub at Klang River and how it affects the environment in Kampong Bharu. Moreover, this study is predicted to be a leading strategy in promoting the design of Jetty and type of water transportation in Kuala Lumpur City to restore the Klang River at Kampong Bharu.

Technical information

This project mostly used Sketchup as the main 3D software and Revit as 2D drawing. Thus rendering and animation used Lumion

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