Journey Towards Serenity : Reimagining Psychiatric Center

Zerin Tasnim Promee, Pranka Das
Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology, Rajshahi

Project idea

In our Society, Mental Health Issues are something to be ashamed of and people don't usually come forward with their mental health problems. People who need psychiatric help are either being looked down on or being treated like prisoners. The aim of this project is to break the taboo concerning psychotic centers. We tried to develop our design not only as a psychiatric hospital for the patients but also as a social center where people can easily interact with their mental health-related issues.

Project description

Our project is located in Rajshahi, Bangladesh, an education Hub of Bangladesh, which is full of promising youth. We chose to Design the center more focusing on the prevention of psychiatric disorders. If we can control the psychology of the youth of Rajshahi and help them on a regular basis treatment, Create an environment they want to visit not only for treatment but also a place for Relaxation, Social interaction, and Self-Improvement.

Technical information

The building has an open for all approach like a social center with a green plaza entry . But we also made sure the privacy and regulation of the hospital to serve the in house patients .