Cultural center

Vakil Galautdinov
Tashkent architecture and construction institute

Project idea

The project of the cultural center itself was made using the parameters of parametric forms. The structure has many windows, which allows a lot of light to enter in the daytime. Using the large areas of the project, conditions were created outside the work of the cultural center. One of their main elements is the operating roof exterior, the slope from the beginning of the rise to the observation deck is easy and easy to lift. The facade of the structure has parameters that flow smoothly throughout the structure. These are also structural elements made especially for the hot season. The exploited roof has a large observation deck. The canopy on the exploited roof is made of lightweight elements, which primarily protects from abundant sunlight.

Project description

This cultural center project was designed for the city of Tashkent, Uzbekistan. The proposed construction site is located in the Yashnabad district of the city of Tashkent, on an area of 6.15 hectares. Taking into account the peculiarities of Uzbekistan in the project, there are many large trees on the building territory to create shade in the hot season, there are also parking spaces for cars and buses, a fountain and recreation areas have been installed, many different benches are located both on the ground and on the observation deck. ... The shape of the roads repeats the style of the position itself, smooth lines and patterns on the master plan. The design standards were taken from the training assignment for the cultural center.

Technical information

The entire layout is divided into 4 zones: the visual complex, the stage complex, the educational complex, and the service and economic complex.
Visual complex. The plan is the main cultural center for 300 people. The auditorium is designed in such a way that everyone has a good view of the stage, the stage portal angle is 30 degrees. Each row of seats has a difference of 125 mm from the next, which gives a good view of the stage. The foyer has a large area and also serves as an exhibition hall; the foyer has a staircase and an elevator to the operated roof. From the foyer you can get to all other areas, the educational complex has a separate entrance from the street. For safety reasons, it has an exit to the street from both sides.
Stage complex. The stage complex has various premises, all of which are indicated on the plan. A feature of this zone is the conditional division of the zone into 2 parts, different parts have different heights. When you enter the stage complex at the end of the corridor there is a staircase that rises 7 steps, descends 9 steps, creating a tunnel under it for evacuating people in a fire situation.
Service and economic complex. The service and utility complex has all the premises for the administration; the printing industry is also designed. This complex has a separate entrance from the street and connects the visual complex with the educational one.
Educational complex. The educational complex includes a library, a dance hall and 11 rooms for various courses (for example, such as drawing, painting, sculpture), each of which has its own auxiliary room. Also, the educational complex has an additional entrance from the street under the tunnel.

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