House in between

seyedsina seyedi
Politecnico di Milano, Polytechnic University of Milan, School of Design

Project idea

The primary goal of the design was embedding a house in the center of the wreckage to keep the dialogue with the past of the site. While this is a modern house but it obviously could characterize the lost identity of the location and the ruined building in a way that become interweave in each other.
A house designed to adore the birds ,watch them flying and respect the nature. The house is stuck between two different eras where old walls shape the internal boarders of the new house and define the each and every part of the house. A house that gives the opportunity to the users to physically and visually get connected to the past and the to the birds of the island where nature and history join.

Project description

House in between is a small tiny house (30msq) which is located in the old ruin in the lagoon of Venice. The theme of project was creating a small tiny villa to bird watching in lagoon. the project is designed in 3 levels in a way that could have a special dialogue with history and heritage of site. all interior spaces of the house is divided by old parts of the site and the confliction of new house and previous site was main idea of project. moreover , the design of project tried to make seamless space between outdoor space and indoor space. some function such as coking ,watching, reading and listening considering as main activity in house. Site of project is located in the southern wetlands of the Venice. The name of this location is "casone prime poste" which means the big house in italian. In the old days this location was used as the primary place to provide services to fishermen.

Technical information

Project Name: House In Between
Architect: Seyedsina seyedi
Location: Lagoon of Venice, Italy
Site Area: 50 msq
House area: 30 msq
Levels: 3
Type: Conceptual-Unbuilt
year: 2020
University: Polytechnic University of Milan