Urban Design and Landscape

New Landmark Of Beirut / Re-Born Beirut port

Ayat Amr

Project idea

The project aims are to use the damage that happened in the port as a landmark telling what happened here and making the port target all segments of society, tourists, and investors by creating new zones.

Project description

Make the port a landmark and Economic growth by targeting the Investors and using the lands in the right way by adding a Ferris wheel to attract people from all over the city and turn the old silo zone into public parking.
change the warehouse's zone that takes over most of the land to investment projects or public space.

Technical information

There is a lot of areas used as warehouses for the port, so the idea is to use a new technic called a multi-level container warehouse it's an automated storage and retrieval system that can store 420 containers and the process takes 2.5 minutes.
Using Solar Panels in The Roof of the multi-level container warehouse will give it the power to the hanger, and the top surfaces of tents in the Martyrs' Square to light the square at the night.
Reduce environmental impacts as the new container hanger is fully electrically operated so Co2 emissions are lower compared with conventional diesel power cranes and the energy gets by using inverters installed in the roof.
the glass of the bride is a thermo-electric glass that generates electricity from heat.