Interior Design

penthouse con vista al poblado

Alejandro Delgado
Institución Universitara Colegio Mayor de Antioquia

Project idea

This design arises from the need to be able to locate in the best views of my city places that are not only luxurious but in principle pleasant to the feeling of comfort, achieving a distinctive identity between the buildings that make up the polygon of the sector.

Project description

Basically what this project is looking for is to be able to help achieve the dream of many people in this city or perhaps in my country of obtaining a comfortable home in a beautiful and warm city like Medellín, taking advantage of one of the best views in general terms

Technical information

The Penthouse is the result of interior design and remodeling, in order to create a mix between brown and white, also relying on neighboring colors with respect to its chromatic circle, applying them to objects that complement the place and generate a unique sensation of combined comfort with the exclusivity of the best view of Medellín