Onur Dokuzoğlu
Doğu Akdeniz Üniversitesi

Project idea

Project’s name is “Boycott” and it’s a strong standing building representing determination of activist people and the reason behind it is the concept activism. Activism is an action of passive or aggressively campaigning for a change but in Famagusta there is no such a space that they can group up and use the power of majority.

Project description

This building will give this opportunity with both education and entertainment. To design a building for activism it needs to feel aggressive and strong from exterior but free in site, to express this idea I used Brutalism style in design. Brutalism is a style with rough surface, unusual shapes, massive forms and expression of structure. It uses large scale of site cast reinforced concrete. To use this style in my design I needed to reinterpret it. In my case I am designing it with bigger opening and most importantly using columns with concrete at exterior space of the structure as 45 degree angled, intersecting with each other but beams as steel.

Technical information

Activism is an action of politically or vigorously campaigning for a change. But to do the change they need to make people hear their voice for that they need to gather together. There are many social groups in both internet and clubs to gather people who wants the same change in this system. Cyprus has many clubs that people create and maintenance themselves. Therefore, EMU wants to give students this opportunity to gather students in Famagusta for change in new activity center.