Interior Design

Casa Ecuador

Dominican Republic

Project idea

The Ecuador house is a house built in one of the most interesting cities in Ecuador. In this project the interiors were worked using a contemporary and minimalist style. The use of colors is appropriate to the attitude and personality of the client, light colors were used in order to enlarge the space and illuminate it visually.
In interior design, we try to bring emotions to the project and to be able to identify with it, therefore I consider that this project is the materialized attitude of the client.

Project description

With this project we managed to go from a simple and common living room, to a luxurious and attractive social area, the main purpose of the client was always to be able to receive their friends and make them feel in a pleasant place.

Technical information

Different materials were used in the project, such as wood, white marble, concrete slabs, porcelain floors and wooden panels in series.

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