Urban Design and Landscape

The Museum of Monotheistic Religions ( Muath Siam )

Muath Siam , Hamza Owesat , Mohammad Awwad
Al Quds University

Project idea

The idea of ​​my project is a museum that was designed in an archaeological area of ​​historical and religious significance belonging to the three monotheistic religions. The idea is to commemorate and honour an important event that occurred on the site, which is the miracle of the resurrection of our Lord Jesus to Aliazar in the village of Bethany, which is known as the arches in Al-Azariya in Palestine, where The exhibits and their ideas are taken from this important event, as the exhibits are divided into two parts. The first is static exhibits that display the miracles of 8 prophets through artistic images and a display screen, and displays some of the remaining pieces about the prophets and others.. The second part is changing exhibits that talk about The three monotheistic religions so that each period is presented about a particular religion (art, architecture, stories from heavenly books, scientific facts), and the three religions are defined.
Green spaces and parks have been added to serve as an outlet for the townspeople, as they suffer from a lack of green spaces and public areas.

Project description

The importance of this site has been exploited and simple interventions have been made on it and the use of simple lines so as to preserve the identity of the site and the harmony of the surrounding environment with it and at the same time preserving the topography of the site and its exploitation and the preservation of the cultural and natural heritage.

Technical information

Light and flexible materials were used that can be changed or replaced when needed and suitable for the archaeological site in terms of shape and colours, green areas were increased to add the natural cultural scene at the site.
The best computer programs were used to implement the project and imagine it realistically.


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