Breakthrough: A Proposed retreat center

John Michael Ong, Zayin De Leon, Elaizle Jade Uy
National University - Manila

Project idea

Retreat Center is a place where people may stay for a period to step back from their normal life to devote their times to prayer, study, meditation and contemplation. The retreat center will be the sanctuary of self-revitalization, a space for healing and a place to escape from reality. The spaces will be peaceful from any noise of the city and it will offer the time and place to relieve from any disturbances as well to give different ambiance from the chaotic reality. It will inclusively provide the convenience of place and access throughout the vicinity and ensure harmonious connectivity of building and nature to be one with the users.

Project description

The Project is situated along stiff slope in Baguio City's Mountain ranges. The extent of this project is to consider first the major hazards then maximize the advantage point of the site in order to produce calm, peaceful and nature indulging design.

Technical information

The combination of stone and timber gives a sense of warmth and stability to the building. The use of local stones is to reinforce the soil which holding the building foundation. The use of wood is to be light weight and economically build series of bridges together with the terrain.

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