"Bypass: Redirecting the flow of life." A proposed level II general hospital and Emergency Extended Facility

John Michael Ong, Myanne Faith Dominguez, Cherraine Nunag
National University - Manila

Project idea

The Aim of this project is to make a centralized general hospital with a specific goal focusing in containing and curing Covid19 virus. The Major objective is to consider critical circulation, adjacencies of spaces and use of natural elements. As consideration to circulations, we provide series of hallways and bridges connecting critical zones and bridges avoiding sensitive spaces such as isolation zones. the adjacencies of zones are important aspect as well therefore, we make sure that all related zones are nearby each other. lastly, the use of natural elements to promote healthy environment and speed up the healing process of the patients.

Project description

The Extent of this Project focuses in providing maximum medical care and Covid19 Virus contamination.

Technical information

The series of alternating windows to the facade of building gives natural lighting but also controls the heat gain coming inside the hallways. The use of bare ceiling in critical parts lower the casualties on the time of unforeseen disaster. As well, the white plaster finish applied to the walls of facade of the building gives a clean look but also functions as self cleaning wall, suited for users health considerations.