Center of Innovation in Bratislava STU

Cristian Roggia Rebullida, Dario Molina
FAU-UNT, facultad de arquitectura y urbanismo, san miguel de tucuman, argentina

Project idea

The idea of the project was to create a space of containment for the students and everyone who accesses the university campus, as well as to unify the different Faculties within the STU campus. In this way we create a block with the functions of the innovation center and a glass cube covering the cafeteria and the exhibition space.

Project description

The proposal for the STU is based on a simple and regular approach, sensitive to the construction context, the central empty space is recovered, providing it with greater geometric regularity. Due to the changes in level by the slopes of the land, the starting point of the proposal was the leveling and structuring of the land, in only three levels of equal heights. The incorporation of a new building, made up of a block and a glass box, with its new activities and a system of vertical circulation cores and services, improve and optimize the operation and relationships between the existing buildings and the new building.

Technical information

The structure of the complex was made with a slab system to achieve free floors. the materials used are concrete, steel and glass.


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