Centro Educativo Saint John's

Jesus Eduardo Sánchez Cisneros, Daniel Santos, Daniela Mora Ramirez
UNAM, Facultad de Arquitectura, Mexico City

Project idea

The project is located in a neighborhood north of Mexico City, in an area that shares a context with one of the most dangerous prisons in Mexico, responding to the need of the area to bring worship and education to its environment full of violence and delinquency. The development of an educational center that includes primary, secondary, and high school is requested.
The concept used is the union offered by the geometric shape of the circle connected to an Orthogonal "U" that frames and secures the facades,
This is how the different spaces of the project are kept together, achieving a healthy coexistence with the environment
It focuses on the restoration of the spaces that adjoin the prison, for a good architectural intervention, giving a response to a society that demands more education for the prevention of addictions and criminal activities, but a space where youth can move towards a better life.

Project description

The project is solved with the concept of maintaining integrated public areas in squares or patios which allow the different coexistence of the students, which have access to the terraces and patios and the different didactic spaces, creating an environment where children forget your violent context and environment and immerse themselves in a small ecosystem of classrooms and outdoor spaces that help their psychological and school development.

Technical information

A series of concrete and steel columns are used, as well as the use of materials such as the red annealed partition that is particular to the St Jhon's educational brand. In addition to the glass, the use of a double façade as the skin of the buildings, controlling the desired interior lighting.

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