D constructed block

danielle dahari
WIZO Haifa Academy of Design and Education

Project idea

The project deals with two main themes:

1.The Bratislavian Block- The dismantling of the built-up area from horizontal layers inwards to separate elements in order to change the fixed rhythm in the city, expose the environment to academic action and release the ground floor for the benefit of the Residents and visitors.
2. A response to the Learning Process at the 21st Century-By produces a physical and emotional separation between the student and the Campus service spaces, in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle within the intensity typical of the 21st century.

Project description

Using the structure of the laboratory building, the project offers two new volumes placed near the abandoned laboratory building. This placement in the field produces
Three different living spaces in the campus yard and a flowing outdoor space.
The first volume is intended for public campus needs, located on the public axis connecting Radlinského Street and Liberty Square.
The second volume is dedicated to the needs of the students at the university. From study spaces to social spaces.

Technical information

The project offers closed and open learning spaces.
In addition, presentation and display spaces that unite the closed spaces and the open outdoor spaces.
Thus, the university practice will be accessible to the general public.


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