Parking for 250 cars

Maxim Sarychev
Tomsk State University of Architecture and Building
Russian Federation

Project idea

The idea of ​​the project is to try to create an object of interesting architecture and public use out of an ordinary parking lot. And most importantly from environmentally friendly materials!

Project description

The project consists of 3 floors. Arrivals and exits are located at each level (only from the side of the facade in the I-AM axes there is 1 exit and entrance and two exits). Everything is designed in such a way that a person can leave the parking lot by car and on foot at any time.

On the 1st floor there are usual places for cars, as well as parking places for cars with limited mobility, there are 2 exits to the roof and an elevator. Also on the 1st floor are the main, service personnel and cars, premises. There is also a client area where a person can relax and wait for his car, the administration and workers area, and for cars you can get a car repair, maintenance and recharging of an electric car, in addition, there is a parking lot for electric scooters and bicycles.
From the 1st floor you can enter the 2nd floor, as well as go out into the street, and go up to the roof either on foot or by elevator.

On the 2nd floor there are parking spaces and exits from the parking, as well as check-in on the 3rd floor. From this floor, you can safely go outside either by car or on foot.

On the 3rd floor, everything is the same as on the previous one, there is 1 exit and the ability to return to the last floor. You can still go down on foot, or go upstairs.

The roof has a landscaping that can be accessed from the ground and by stairs with an elevator.
The improvement has recreation areas, a children's play area and a sports area.

The entire object is assembled from environmentally friendly materials - concrete, aluminum, wood, glass, natural stone. Even the flower beds are lined with recycled wood. The roof is almost entirely covered with grass with gravel paths. The landscaping uses yellow sand, fine gravel and white rubber surfaces.

The whole object is in harmony with the environment and emphasizes the greatness of nature. The parking is completely open, except for entry groups.

Technical information

The project is assembled from concrete and reinforced concrete 200-400-600mm. The cladding consists of a curtain wall with 100mm wooden slats in 100mm increments. The windows are 3500mm wide, the height from floor to ceiling is 3 meters. The overlap, depending on the availability of grass, ranges from 300-500mm. Glass is located only at the entrance groups and exits to the landscaping.

The project is installed on reinforced concrete poles 400-600mm. External walls are cast from 600mm concrete. Internal and external service premises walls 400-200mm. The total height of the object is 9400 mm.

The ramp slope is 1:12.

The whole structure goes with an offset of 6,000 mm to the 3rd floor in order to reduce the load from the ground on the concrete. A powerful inclined retaining wall from 1-3 floors is being installed.

Entrance groups consist of aluminum plates 400mm wide and 50mm long, glass and stone pillars (600-1500mm) that support an unusual overlap. The floor itself is a separate structure, which is molded at the factory in a special reinforced mold, 300mm thick + additional layers to accommodate vegetation 200-300mm.

Prefabricated reinforced concrete stairs. There are exits from the parking lot from all sides. Exit to the roof through a ventilated corridor.

The landscaping uses aluminum pipes, concrete cushions, wooden slats, rubber, sand, soil and large wood elements. A piece of wood made from recycled materials.

There are 250 parking spaces in the parking lot.

The installation of the project begins with the excavation of the soil, after the installation of the retaining wall and pillars with a foundation. After installing the screed, the installation of external walls and floors begins (the floors themselves add rigidity to the structure due to the emphasis on the retaining wall). In the future, the installation system is repeated from the moment the walls and floors are installed.

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