Vladislav Krayushkin, Timur Abdrakhmanov, Karim Shammazov, Marat Khafizov, Ilnar Akhtiamov, Reseda Akhtiamova
The Kazan' State Architectural-Construction Academy Kazan
Russian Federation

Project idea

In an effort to answer the request for the interaction of the 4 faculties with each other and the city, the project proposes a structure in which it will be as rich as possible. The concept was based on the principle of a changing space, which makes it possible to create new forms of interaction. The docking of various blocks with each other, their movement and changes in the parameters of spaces lead to this. Like an evolutionary mechanism, blocks are rearranged into new chains of dependent and independent blocks, creating a new functional space.

Project description

The project is a structure based on a frame with movable and fixed blocks. Some of the blocks, such as lecture halls, classrooms, dry-leisure blocks, are able to move along the rails with the help of cranes forward, backward, left, right, as well as up and down. At least one of the boundaries of the lecture halls is transformable, which makes it possible to increase the number of participants and their differentiation by direction. Thus, each time the campus of the university looks different. Each of the movable blocks has its own trajectory and color, which, together with navigation on the floor, allows you to quickly find your way. Moving, moving, moving apart, several blocks form platforms on which
Interaction helps to strengthen the location between blocks of leisure spaces, in which students from different faculties can communicate, exchange experiences, and unite in work on projects. The inclusion in the structure of recreational spaces, partially combined with robotic farms, works in a similar way.
The central block is the so-called "cloud", which houses a presentation (empirical) center, social, exhibition and multifunctional spaces, a media library, as well as a restaurant and a concert hall. The ground level remained passable, becoming an inner street with verandas of a summer cafe, a media library and an exhibition space. The campus rises above most of the surrounding university and, thanks to the excellent, but at the same time consistent in the general style, architecture, becomes noticeable to the residents of the city and encourages them to interact with the university.

Technical information

The rigidity of the metal frame is provided by the space frame at the top. The pitch of the columns along the longitudinal side is 12 m, along the transverse side - 50 m. The modularity of the blocks with a pitch of 1.5 m allows them to fit into the dimensions of the frame. The external facade is made of glass and metal mesh, on which, if necessary, you can broadcast photo and video images. The basis of the blocks is a metal frame with 1, 2 or 3 transformable borders made of wood, metal, plastic and glass, if necessary, matting.