STU Center of Innovation in Bratislava

Anna Grančayová
Slovenská Technická Univerzita, Fakulta Architektury

Project idea


"The scientific and technical progress of our society is closely linked to the development of universities, which are to educate highly qualified professionals with a broad theoretical and political perspective."(1 Scanned old literature file) However, I would add practical experience.

Project description


- Dominance of Aula Maxima
- Distances and connections
- Open air
- Terrain use
- Terraces

used principles:

1) Sanitation - buildings unsuitable for representation.

2) Revitalization - since the existing building of Heavy laboratory has a "healthy", load bearing construction (and its volume is in symbiosis with surrounding), I decided to use this building in my design.

3) Courtyard for people - By creating an underground car park I eliminate movement of cars in the inner block, as well as I create a "bridge" between FCFT and the rest of the lower square)

4) Transitional courtyard - I propose to open all closed gates leading to inner courtyard. I have decided to make an inviting entrance through the south-east part of FCFT building leading towards the nearest gate in the south-west side. Another main pass is from north-east to north-west gate. This pass is main transition line for people using public traffic (bus line on the NW and tram line on the NE side). Overcoming level difference in courtyard is insured by a terrain slope. You can also overcome it by using outdoor elevators. South-east entrance and north-west entrance are also supply connections points for vans and fire trucks (over the pedestrian crossing) and they time restricted.

5) Visual reduction - of the built-up area of the inner block by sinking building in terrain. Because of the height difference, entrance area can be used as multipurpose area or as an amphitheatre with connection to indoor Soc. Exhibition and Multipurpose area and Workshop Exhibition area. The importance and dominance of the Aula maxima requires keeping the distance between the buildings - I therefore suggest removing the 1x 3m module from the Heavy laboratory. This exposed place of crossing of pedestrian paths and the dominant hall itself predetermines the creation of an important square, which is also supported by the original historical design documentation by architect Martin Kusý.

6) Linking – as the building, I decided to renovate is situated in the centre of the courtyard, it is also used as an main crossroad point, which connects all faculties around. All the faculties are connected underground as well as over the land “bridge” in form of connection building.
First bridge is a new media Library, which was designed with optical consolidation towards the new FCFT auditorium. Another "bridge" is the connection to the middle of the SVF building - it connects the building at level of the 2nd and 3rd floor.


The main idea is to make different types of terraces - from public, through semi-public to privat. This diversity of terraces can serve as extensions for exhibitions, for eating and relaxing, or as extension for exterior education.
The shape of the Multipurpose building is designed to create a gentle tension , stimulation of mases of people to slow down flow of pedestrians on the upper square , and to lead the people passing by to its interiors . The outdoor staircase forum is a "transfer" of the meaning and function of Aula Maxima to the exterior.
The rounded shape of the Multipurpose area is breaking the directions of cross strokes and pulling-varnishing the public into the Multipurpose building and Exhibition area

Technical information

Heavy laboratory – reinforced concrete skelleton + panel wall system (double skin façade) + in front of windows climbing plants on wire constructions.
Lamellas - corten
Cladding - corten - resamblance (reminder) of an unmaintained courtyard
Main entrance – green fasade
Garage lifts – green fasade


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