STU - A forest between urban Concrete Jungle

Himadri Bhushan Deva Raya, Adrija Pramanik, Yash Ahuja
Amity School of Architecture and Planning

Project idea

The project is termed as an eco-forest in between Concrete Jungle. Building with sustainability is what the future demands. Idea of Net Zero Building is rapidly evolving and with advancement of technology, sustainability of buildings is advanced. We propose the entire building as a CLT building which itself is a carbon negative material. Analyzing present condition of the structure CLT is suggested, as it is 5 times lighter than concrete and very easily constructible on site with very fast process and zero pollution. The panels are pre-fabricated according to structural member requirements and are just framed in site, which is very fast as compared to concrete with noise less construction. Keeping the sub structure intact and using the present foundation new super structure is designed with 5 times less load than present load giving it higher life span.

Project description

With rapid global change and climate issues, today it has come in major concern and as architects, we are responsible for it. Our concept evolved from nature itself. Building forest in concrete jungle is something that we believe the future and one of the only possible way to build sustainably. We planned to design a fully net zero building starts with manufacturing of the materials to its execution on site. The building is planned to use optimum natural ventilation and illumination. The central courtyard plays an important role in controlling the microclimate of the zone. The placement of the blocks is done according to the solar incidents and to cut off the glare to get glare free interiors for study, meeting, leisure etc. Studying the sciography of the courtyard the placement of library, workshop and canteen block is done to remain in shade in have least heat gain and function with passive strategies. Vertical & horizontal lovers are designed to cut south sun and all the service core are kept on south façade to reduce heat gain inside.

Technical information

Keeping intact the sub structure new super structure is designed with 5 times less load comparable to steel and concrete on foundations with less structural support making less cost of foundation and more life of structure.
Glulam Beam and column is designed in the same grid as present condition with connection to the foundation and efficient load transfer with less support saving the overall construction cost.


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