Sensual STU

paul lieurade
École nationale supérieure d'architecture de Paris-La Villette (ENSAPLV), Paris

Project idea

Thanks to the abstraction of the modernist building I start a new project from (almost) a blank page.
My purpose was to propose a sensual space allowing people to meet, to think, to enjoy, to live…

Project description

The two key words of that project are fluidity and sensuality:
Concrete fluidity is perceptible from anywhere you are thanks to a complex but easy draw, center and periphery are always connected, this idea enlight the main purpose of those buildings, different domain of research and study connected together in one place.
The sensuality of the building isn’t just an urban sign, but is studied to maximize the walk (Le Corbusier used to call that sinuous path : The way of the donkeys against the way of the men and I obviously choose the monkey one). The curve of the building is also studied for natural light in order another time to maximize light quality, made of brick at the sunrise and the sunset the facade goes into vibration thanks to sun rays.
Few ideas are connected with those terms, a huge stare full of light make the walk also go vertical and an oval center (taken from the Piazza del Campidoglio by Michel-Angelo) is a fountain that can turn into a skating rink in winter for enjoyment.

Technical information

The pillars are offset and the facade is non-load-bearing, the building is made of brick


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