Conceptual design of the STU campus solution

Daria Stiopchin
Technical University of Moldova, Urbanism and Architecture Faculty

Project idea

I examined the cultural and historical monuments during the analysis of this territory. One of them is the Friendship Fountain on Freedom Square, that has a huge linden tree flower in the center. It reminds of a five-pointed star, as a symbol of wonderful relations between peoples.

Based on this ideology, the theme of friendship and unification of students from different faculties was chosen as the main idea of ​​the project.
There are 3 different faculties on the territory and a common block supposed to facilitate communication between students of different specialties. This practice has a beneficial effect on creative development and stimulates the development of interesting joint projects which undoubtedly affects the overall development of each student.

A linden tree was chosen - as a symbol of the unification of different industries, spheres, people. This symbol is reflected in stylized details in the plan and on the facades as well.

The shape in the plan neatly blended into the territory without interfering or influencing the neighboring buildings repeating their outlines. There are also stylized linden leaves flaunt on the facades.

Project description

The main goal is to locate the building in such a way as to ensure comfortable movement around the territory. A (tunnel) passage is provided on the ground floor for this reason.
I decided to make a difference in levels by half a floor in order for the building to sit well on the relief.
The building provides a large lobby with seating areas, a sufficient number of stairs, elevators and bathrooms, including for people with disabilities. All auditoriums are well lit. 150+ seats auditoriums have increased ceiling heights in accordance with all regulations.

The roof is partially exploitable. It has a protective fence and it is also possible to install solar panels.You can get to the roof by the staircase-elevator node, or by the stairs decorating the facade. This staircase also serves as a seating area for students.
The territory provides well-groomed lawns with trees and recreation areas.

Technical information

The materials used in this project: concrete, glass, metal. The cladding of the building and the landscaping paths are made of materials from the Wienerberger company.


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