Ronit Kolka

Project idea

Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia is borderline with Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria and play the role of connecting them all.
In the same manner, the university should connect the people living in this city, which has a lot of important history and also innovative technology.
My project deals with the great impact that the learning process has on the individual, as a molding element in one’s life, that shapes him.
I got the inspiration from the tension between the old town and new city, From the landscape of Bratislava and the redbrick rooftops of the buildings near the campus.
My project is located on the roof of the civil engineering faculty building, right next to the Freedom Square.
It invites the people passing by to come in and take part in the collective actions, that integrate the student lifestyle with the urban one.
The planning emphasizes the tension and the power that comes from the learning process, the university and its surroundings.

Project description

The planning Is divided into a few parts. The first is an elongated glass structure, while the second part contains a pair of elements and a triple, that are connected programmatically.
the third part is a structure that actually acts as the entrance of the project, the leisure and social gathering of the students, while it also acts like as an observation post to the Devona river and the city mountains.
The passageway from this building to the elongated glass structure is through a bridge on the 7th floor.
The glass structure has a lot of open space with public functions that are facing the Freedom Square and a few intimate ones that are facing the campus area.
The entrance to the upper elements is from three main staircases, while over the public space there are the pair elements that continues with the same kind of public functions while in the triplet elements there are intimate workshops and a multimedia library for the student’s welfare.
between all the elements there is a glass façade that increases eye contact and interaction between spaces and multiple functions.

Technical information

The structure contains glass, red fiber cement panels and is consists of a Light Steel Structure.
The elements are sitting on the glass structure that is being implemented as a truss and are also supported by columns to the ground.


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