ZIRIUS: "A Proposed Five-star hotel, Commercial complex and Casino"

Ma. Michaela Dangaran
National University - Manila

Project idea

ZIRIUS, a five-star hotel, commercial complex and casino located in the heart of Paranaque, is the reinterpretation of the Notorious brightest star (Sirius) that most of us can see from the night sky. ZIRIUS emphasizes an immersive and enveloping parametric architectural experience that creates systematic, ceaseless differentiation & high powered figuration of the design.

Project description

Rousing from the Greeks, Sirius signified its nature as scorching or glowing because of its intrinsic luminosity and its proximity in the universe. Associating it with the concept, this luxurious structure illuminates in the center of hotel establishments. Its design follows the sun path movements that allows the natural light to enter. Additionally, The aluminum glass exterior adapts resulting the changes of colors from different perspectives, the same with how Sirius flickers different color range.

ZIRIUS do not just depend its luxury outside of its walls, its facilities and the hotel components of the structure aims to give their guests, employees and everyone once get a glimpse of ZIRIUS a one of a kind lavish experience.

Technical information

The Design is galvanized from the Sirius star captured from the space. out of all the stars appearing all throughout the sky, This star glows the brightest from beyond.

The structure's form is intended to have a V-shaped position to emphasize the overlooking views of the Manila bay and the majestic views of the city lights from the other side. A360 degree views that has no corners or different transitions and merges together at various level providing shaded outdoor views and indoor spaces.

The reflective aluminum glass gives us a luxurious aesthetic even from afar which emphasizes our concept as the brightest hotel within the sea of hotels in paranaque. The sunrise and sunset of Manila bay would reflect the glass that would give us an illusion of various hues of the sky.


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