Interior Design

Saint Petersburg's "Teatralnaya" metro station interior design project

Elizaveta Kovalevich
Saint-Petersburg Mining University
Russian Federation

Project idea

The purpose of the course work is to develop a design project for a new metro station "Teatralnaya" in St. Petersburg, considering the peculiarities of its location. The goal is to create a functional, comfortable and safe space for passengers.

Project description

The Teatralnaya metro station is in the center of St. Petersburg, near the Mariinsky Theater. Station type - pylon, three-platform. The concept of the project is related to theatrical atmosphere. The finishing material and color scheme are taken from the interior of the concert hall of the Mariinsky Theater. In the decoration of the walls, made of wooden boards, the image of a theater curtain is recognized, and the modern installation resembles the silhouette of an organ. The characteristics of the materials used, and their location serve to solve one of the problems in the modern metro - increased noise. Niches have been made in the central hall so that one can move away from the constant flow of people. White plaster of the walls is used to facilitate the perception of the interior space.

Technical information

Revit, 3DsMax, Photoshop

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