Interior Design

Functional comfort

Elizaveta Kovalevich
Saint-Petersburg Mining University
Russian Federation

Project idea

The task is to develop an interior design of a one-room apartment following the wishes of the customer. The apartment has a total area of 40,8 square meters. It consists of a kitchen-living room, a bedroom, a bathroom and an entrance hall. The interior should be made in a modern style, with a predominance of dark tones and with the presence of wood elements.

Project description

The goal of the project was to create, on the one hand, a cozy and natural environment for a creative person, and on the other - a mobile, easily supplemented and rebuilt environment to suit the mood. The living room should become both a place where you can comfortably spend time alone, and a space where you can receive guests. For this purpose, the living room was divided into three conditional areas: the library area near the window is emphasized by a wooden podium, the recreation and reception area are distinguished by a soft sofa and a multimedia wall, and the kitchen area is located directly behind an elongated bar table.
The bedroom is a personal space of a connoisseur of vinyl combined with a work area. To fulfill the needs for creativity, there is a whole chalk wall here, which is filled with small things – a pedestal, shelves and a suspension for a guitar. The working space occupies only a small, but sufficient part of the bedroom for work.
In the interior there is a predominance of wooden coverings and a "green wall". Bright accents include red-pink velour chairs in the dining room and printed wallpaper in the sleeping area. The project uses modern technologies. For example, magnetic tracking system over the dining group for the mobility of lighting.

Technical information

Revit, 3DsMax, Photoshop

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