Campus project for the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava

Daniil Horosanov
Technical University of Moldova, Urbanism and Architecture Faculty

Project idea

The Slovak Technical University is an abode of people of science. The main idea of the project is based on the thought that science is a hard stone, that is meant to be "broken" (in other words - explored) by scientists. These people do not fear any difficulties and overcome all the obstacles on their way to cognition.
The new building represents a heavy architectural volume made of visually heavy reinforced concrete, raised above the ground. This hard and grim concrete piece of rock suddenly is made to be more then user friendly: the complete freedom of movement, a lot of multifunctional and recreational zones and co-working spaces must make you feel that it's absolutely easy and interesting to "break the stone of science".

Project description

The scope of the project is to provide a common space for students and professors of all the faculties of STU. This space covers the university's need for supplementary learning spaces, for a startup center, administration center, a local expo-space and for recreational and leisure zones (for students/professors and visitors as well).
The new building consists of 4 blocks:
1) Entrance zone (info and reception, cafe, resting zone on the ground floor and common working space on higher levels);
2) Western block - has more of a public origin (includes expo-area, presentation and startup center, workshops and a large co-working zone), it is connected to the roof of the extended part of the chems faculty's building, where now is a large terrace. The passage, the terrace and the balconies form a U-shaped public open space on the third floor, which is visually connected to the multifunctional/expositional opened public zone under this block.
3) Administrative block - it has the same U-shaped public zone, but in this case the passage is connecting the northen terrace (made on the roof of the engineering faculty's building extention) with the entrance zone, the admin block and the research center. Under this zone is situated an amphiteater.
4) Eastern block - the research center - it has a lot of interdisciplinar lecture rooms and other spaces for educational and research purposes.
Every block has 2-4 entrances. Also there is a two-level underground parking, a leisure zone with tennis tables and two large multifunctional/exhibitional squares under the raised blocks.

Technical information

The building uses a frame system of reinforced concrete, with span of 6, 9 and 12 meters, and steps of 6, 12 meters. The concrete is meant to be left uncovered, to match the main concept and the style of brutalism. In interior there are also used metallic panels as finishing, colored in yellow ("illuminating", by Pantone). Some elements are finished with black plaster.


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