Clarity Elevated Metro Station

Mohamed Ali
Department of Architecture of the Faculty of Engineering, Mansoura University in Mansoura

Project idea

Due to the importance and how is this project is critical, I wanted to create a build a building that can integrate and blend in a busy environment, so the building was almost transparent from each angle.
Also taking in mind my client which is the Government, so they must want to Less Cost and more sustainable solution, Which was made by only using the public paving without invading any private property.

Project description

Design Problem
- The Station is located in the middle of a crowded Residential Area and being close-fitting to the neighboring buildings.
- It is Location block the Visual Continuity of the intersecting street to Abd-Elsalam Areef Street
Susgested Problem Solution :
- Pushing The Station back in the Street to change the neighboring buildings from residential into unoccupied buildings
- Placing Vertical Movement Batteries on the Expanded Pavements instead of the informal parking
- Placing The Batteries without Invading any Private Property ( Gas Station Property - Girls Dormitory Property )
- The Side Adjacent to the residential building is located to the escaping battery, so the small that the Small Building Privacy is Preserved
- Try to Reach The optimum solution in the most sustainable way Economically and Environmentally

Technical information

As The Suggested problem solution was to minimize the Neighbouring context as possible without invading any private property, so THE CONCEPT was to make the form as Transparent as Possible to increase the acceptance of the presence of the station.
So it reflected on the Roof opening and Glass Facade and technologies used to transfer the Sunlight underneath the station.
As The keyword for the concept is Transparency.
The Smooth Roof of the Station was designed to adapt to the different heights to the surrounding context. So it doesn’t exceed the highest building and not lower the lowest one .
As The Concept of the Form is to be transparent to the Surroundings, So I Tried to Use The Natural; Sunlight to light Up Underneath the Station Using Light Tubes, as if the station wasn’t Exist.

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