Center of Innovation in Bratislava Transformation of the courtyard

Andrei Rabei
Technical University of Moldova, Urbanism and Architecture Faculty

Project idea

Through this artistic concept I want to implement a symbiosis resulting from the historic area and the newly built area, the university campus being located in this area of interference of 2 colossal architectural heritages of imminent importance for Slovakia. This is noticeable in the stylistic solution of the facades. The chosen modular element is a modern interpretation of some baroque stylistic moments with Viennese reminiscences. Because geographically the city of Bratislava is close to the city of Vienna (78 km) this is reflected in the architectural inventory of Stare Mesto. The connection portal between the newly built building and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is the most representative from an artistic point of view, being made from a module created as a stylization of an “industrial scissors”, because it represents a revolutionary symbol that characterizes all the activity of an institution of higher education, especially of technical nature. The lower elements that have a brace configuration indirectly remind about the historical space that is outside the campus. During the modular advance there are gradually fluctuations that eventually reach a vertical grid that develops on the perimeter of the radius of planimetric connection, the composition also has in the upper part an element that accentuates the moment of interpenetration between elements with historical curtain with a new modern, contemporary aesthetic element that in the southern extremity passes in a network of vertical slats that also serves as a canopy for the festive entrance inside the innovative center.

Project description

The composition is based on the elaboration of a building, with a height regime: S+P+2E. The lower level is expected to serve as a parking with a capacity of 250 spaces, at the level of -0,450 it will be compensated with another 25 temporary parking spaces. For the most reasonable place from an engineering and urban point of view, was choosed the northeastern part, with a preponderance of a planar surface compared to the other areas. The given concept is based on preserving the existing entrances and elaborating the entrances planned for the underground parking, one of them being organized in the support wall that is in the perimeter of the building of the Faculty of Chemistry and Food Technology. For the planimetric solution was created a dynamic shape, which has a rectangular extremity and in the diametrically opposite one is made a connecting radius that opens majestically in the southern extremity, the supposed main entrance. Due to this configuration, a panoramic opening is created that indirectly advances the viewer inside the campus. The functional areas of the site are the following: 1. passive area - equipped with a range of decorative plants and shrubs, this area is in the immediate vicinity of the existing Aula, because the frame formed between the existing blocks is a space with a favorable phonoacoustic for meditation. 2. active area - the largest area consisting of 2 subzones, a basketball court (30mx18m), equipped with specially designed seats for viewing the game and an outdoor amphitheater with a capacity of 150 seats. 3. technical service area of the building - a space with direct exits from the group of technical rooms, wharf.

Technical information

Following the urban analysis of the neighborhood and the proposed site, was extracted the most important engineering moments, so was capitalized on the existing situation. From the whole, i deduced which would be the most reasonable plot to build a new building that would involve as few on-site interventions as possible and moving engineering networks, taking into account the tectonic character that is active in the northern part, then becomes gradually planar. These things will be reflected in the proposed concept.


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