Urban Design and Landscape

Green Waves

Tímea Hegedüs
Vienna University of Technology

Project idea

The green waves project basically come from an utopian idea that tries to find a connection between the city and the nature. In the 21st century, will man find his way back to nature or continue to incorporate the environment, to the detriment of nature or himself ? How long can be sustained the metropolitan life style and its harmful effects ? The project is looking for answers to these questions.

Project description

The location of the project is Vienna's 7th district, an area of 1 square kilometer, the area is divided into strips, which means the green area, the strips form waves, the above waves form hills in which the residential buildings are located, and the slopes are waterfalls.
The concept of the project is to form a bridge between the city and the nature, to develop an urban structure by combining natural elements.
The beginning of the path to a sustainable environment is to redefine the already existing structure due to environmental and weather changes.
Adaptation to changing weather conditions is inevitable due to climate change.

Technical information

The green roof is a great thermal insulator, and thanks to the large green surface, no thermal island is formed in the summer heat. The orientation of the residential buildings is also relevant, the orientation to the east and west is favorable in the summer heat, and the wood lamella blinds also protect from sunlight.
The material use of the building uses completely renewable energies and natural materials. The area provides opportunities for people who want to grow their own plants, as well as sports activities. The green area is partly public, but private in residential buildings.


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