Guest House Tabarka

Chema Mejdoub
International School of Architecture -ISA- Sfax

Project idea

Guest house in Tabarka : the design inspired by the nature and local environment potentials, is a response to the environmental issues.

Project description

the project is composed of three main platforms leading to volumes implemented on multiple levels. the stairway takes you to the residentual cottages : small and sustainable houses in which the owner can commune with nature, they are rustic, with strong pitched roof typology which takes its inspiration from the slope forms of the site.
the sloping site offer a view of the lake : you would be able to sense the outside landscape and the mesmerising presence of the water by enjoying the outdoor activities at the lake.

Technical information

The topography of the site as well as its climate dictated a particular construction method for the region giving it a certain architectural identity :wooden construction, pitched roof.

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