International Nature Enthusiasts Camp

Jinsong Xian
The University of Sydney, School of Architecture, Sydney

Project idea

With the innovation of building material and improvement of construction technology, the architecture can rarely cause negative effect on the nature to provide the living space for people, which lays a strong foundation for building in challenging place. Meanwhile, the innovative roof material can dramatically transfer solar energy into electricity in the future. Under such a utopia setting, even if the location of International Nature Enthusiasts Camp (I.N.E.C) is located in mountain forest near Pacific Ocean, there is still affordable and practical approach which ensures stability, durability and sustainability of architecture. Furthermore, the eco-friendly architecture collects solar energy to cover all the demands of power in project.

Project description

I.N.E.C provides users with sleeping cabins, dining hall, exhibition center, and entertaining deck. In my proposal, not only does the project provides opportunities for all users to get close to nature, but it also provides a space for artists to acquire inspiration and create art. The program utopia is funded through the rent of properties and sale of renewable energy. Moreover, I.N.E.C contains flexible art exhibition and auction spaces to promote the development of the art industry.

Technical information

The main buildings and the public space are all built by timber, which these wood has been through the antiseptic treatment. Steel frame structure is used in the structure below the building. Such material selection ensures the stability of the building to the greatest extent.

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