Floating concert hall on the Vltava River

Alžběta Bílková
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering
Czech Republic

Project idea

reflection, contrast, sharpness, movement. these are the main points of the project. The goal of the project was creation of modern, timeless, multifunctional floating concert hall for fine arts such as jazz, solo recital, chambner orchestra, etc. Variability, flexibility of arrangement of equipment and seating for audience were the most important topics.

Project description

Insiparion for design comes from folded paper ship and its reflection on the water surface. These two parts were combined and together they created functional object of concert hall floating on the river. Added value of project is embankment used for social activities where it is missing in spite of spectacular panoramatic view of Pragues castle. The shape of the floating hall is featurin joined triangles bounded by a ramp which is slowly descending from watefront wall level to the level of Vltava river. Refreshment of guests is handled by City Modul from KOMA Modular.
Maximum capacity of concert hall is 434 sitting spectators. Hall is separated into 3 parts. Multi-level stage, barrier free multi purpose area and auditorium.

Technical information

The building is assembled on two pontoons connected to each other and therefore it can be towed to the extension during floods. The supporting system is made of steel profiles. The cladding consists mainly of glass walls and walls made of cement-bonded particleboard filled with insulation. The outer glass surfaces have a reflective surface finish. A graded auditorium is used as a color element in the hall. The feeling of lightness is provided by the glazed roof, which can be removed in summer, shaded by stretched canvas. The floating hall is held in place by 4 anchoring elements attached to the embankment wall, which allow vertical movement and adaptation to the river level.

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