the missing link - the campus as a park

dekel diskin
The NB Haifa School of Design

Project idea

The project is located in the university courtyard, and serves as a connecting link between the two parks adjacent to the university.
The project has two goals. The first is to create another park that will link the other parks near the campus, and the second goal is to create a building that will not take over the yard, but insted will give the park the honor and the room it deserves, and at the same time serve as another building for university needs.
The concept of the structure is to create variety.
I divided the structure into long and narrow slices, and each slice would have different meeting places, while using as a function on demand.
The thin slices produce longitudinal movement along the facade of the existing building.
the more private part, such as the startup, adjacent to the wall of the existing facade, and the more public facades, such as the library, workshops and learning spaces, open and facing the newly created park.
This creates a situation where walking from side to side slowly transports the users to the open park, giving an experience of calm and serenity.
In order to bring natural light into the building, between different spaces there are small gaps and curtain walls that let in light and create a relaxing environment for learning and working,

Project description

A green space is very beneficial with learning and helps to calm the mind and eyes during stressful times, during breaks or to stare into space and think more quietly.
The park creates opportunities for students and faculty to have the freedom to relax and take advantage of the green space for better learning and work.

Technical information

The vertical movement cores (stairs and elevators)will be built out of concrete, but the rest of the project will be built of light and green construction, to reduce the carbon footprint and to create harmony between the building and the park and nature.


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