La Corregidora

Francisco Hermosillo Hernández
UA, Universidad Anáhuac Mexico Norte, Departamento de Arquitectura

Project idea

The main idea of the "La Corregidora" project is to generate a park with different specific areas that will help improve some of the problems identified in the area. The architectural project is located in the State of Querétaro, specifically in the Corregidora stadium in the south central area of the city of Querétaro.

Project description

The main intention of the architectural project is to solve some of the problems that happen within the area. The first of them is the lack of green area, that is vital for the development of a city, even more thinking that it is an area in development and growth which has large spaces and land where to implement this missing green area. In addition to this the park will have a program that will solve certain specific needs of the area, such as a restaurant or food area since it is an area where many people work every day and where they do not have this type of service. A children's area for children who live and study in the zone. A sports area where people can exercise to improve health and at the same time can be distracted from the day to day. As well as other amenities that the park itself offers so that people can have a space for recreation.

Technical information

All the park has a master plan scope with the exception of the food area that has an executive plans for the construction and details of that area.


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