The Natural Space----mountain and forest

Ding Xiang Wong
Chinese Culture University, College of Environmental Design, Department of Architecture and Urban Design, Taipei
Taiwan, Province of China

Project idea

Create a natural space which can offer people to stay here all day.

Project description

The analysis of the project shows that there′s a lot of green space around STU campus , but it seems not to assess. Thus the main idea of this project is to extend greenery in the center yard and connect the two side of green spaces. The main entrance of parking circulation is designed at south. The building height is designed not taller than the surrounding.

The building is designed as a mountain in the center yard for people climbing up to the each floor and viewing different sceneries.

Five kinds of plants are used in the center yard for offering the different levels of shadow. Limes are planted at the center of the project site for offering the larger area of shadow;Pines are planted at the side of the pathway for separating the pathway and the garden areas;Elders are planted at the side of the pathway and also in the pots for providing the shadow near the sitting areas;Magnolias and firs are planted in the pots, which can offer the shadow in the garden.

The building is designed as a mountain where provides many different height of scenes. Sunlight shadow are displayed on the plaza and the routes. The restaurant is designed at second floor with the opening in the center of the ceiling, which can let sunlight shine into the room. People can also feel sunlight sprinkling inside the hallway at third floor. The space has the window along the wall which cause sunlight sprinkling inside the office, so does the workshop classroom. At the space of first basement for equipments, where has the ceiling with upper windows, it allows sunlight to pass through and make the basement brighter.

The ground floor provides reception, meeting rooms and research rooms. The second floor provides workshop space and restaurant. The third floor provides office. The fourth floor provides library. The first basement provides lab and exhibition. The second basement provides parking lot.

Technical information

The first basement has the big truss which can offer long span space.


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