Joelle Deeb
Damascus University
Syrian Arab Republic

Project idea

During the reconstruction phase in Syria, it is essential to take into account the rehabilitation of the economic-financial investment infrastructure and the establishment of local facilities that efficiently serve potential investors throughout the time in the post-war reconstruction of its various entities.

Project description

Along the axis of the international road on the southeast side of Damascus, and within the suggested financial district, the proposal is to establish a stock exchange unit consisting of three primary levels and two intermediate stations for circulation and connection.

In an attempt to shift the inside out, transparency represents an essential factor in the creation of its visual axes. To be more specific, the goal is to identify and accentuate the core as a dynamic and exuberant component for conversation and discussion.

Technical information

The building consists of six dominant stories. The primary core is the trading hall, surrounded by the bidding and discussion areas with a defined visual axis.
Followed vertically by the audience sector, which faces and harmonizes with the main hall through different movement connectors.
Defining the primary workplace, The offices take place in the following two stories followed by the leisure activities floor.
The head movement connectors take place uniting the grand hall and the audience area and connecting the audience area and the main work division.

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