Everlast Museum " Delta Museum of Science and Technology "

Mohamed Ali
Department of Architecture of the Faculty of Engineering, Mansoura University in Mansoura

Project idea

The Main Premise of the project was how to create a building that can be Everlasting physically by adapting to the predicted threats and Spiritually by fulfilling the needs of the users and adding a cultural impact to the area.
The Museum Offers a Mixed Experience of Real Artifacts and also an interactive exhibition , so it is a family-friendly Museum

Project description

For Physical EVERLASTING, we thought of the Global Threat that is Facing this Area which is SLR (Sea Level Rise) and it was treated by Raising the Museum Platform, also the Nature of the Location overlooking two Waterfronts so we thought of our Building Material to be Treated Reinforced CONCRETE.

For Spiritual EVERLASTING, The Only way that this building can stay in the mind of it visitors and also The residents Near it, Is The Positive impact Caused by this building So According to the Site Analysis Izbt Al-Burg is missing its Portion of Culture Projects Recreational Areas, So First we Created an open public space which can be used by the citizens of the city and also the museum visitors and it has to be outside the borders of the museum. It has to be in the intersection point of the axis connecting Ras-Elbar by the ferries and the main entrance axis to the island which the museum located on, and also it had to be welcoming to all kinds of visitors, So it affected to form a curve incubating the Public Plaza.

As an Impact to a Full renovation in the masterplan of the Museum. Suggested PROMENADE DESIGN to be made on the banks of Izbt El Borg to Connect The Famous " Tabiet Oraby " as a part of the visit to the Museum.

Technical information

The Project Consists of :
1 - Permenant Exhibition Halls
2 - Temporary Exhibition Hall
3 - A Planeterium
4 - Storage and Adminstrative Zone
A New Design of A Double Wall has been implemented to have ( Service Elevator Shaft - Bathrooms - Emergency Escape Battery )

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