Interior Design

Cultural Memory of Nazareth

Rasha Mansour
Holon Institute Of Technology

Project idea

"Zakriyat al-Nasra" | A community cultural center that preserves the memory of generations in the city of Nazareth.
The name means "cultural memory" from the Arabic language and inspired by Christian Arab culture,
Through traditional Arabian food and valuables and a historical story.
Located in the "Fawzi Ezer House" located in the ancient market of Nazareth Which used to be an important point in history due to trade and economic prosperity.

Project description

The aim of the project is to revive the market by connecting the preservation of tradition and culture with the younger generation, Through the preservation of the Ottoman design of the place along with modern design.

Technical information

"Zakriyat al-Nasra" offers entertainment and historical recognition functions such as theaters, galleries, and cafes in the spirit of culture.

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