pin hong Chang
Chinese Culture University, College of Environmental Design, Department of Architecture and Urban Design, Taipei
Taiwan, Province of China

Project idea

My idea of this competition is to give a new look and image to the original campus atrium and the buildings in the atrium.Since the atrium is surrounded by solid buildings, I want the new buildings to be contrasted with the old ones around me.Then there is the design of the atrium. I think the atrium is a place for students and faculty to relax, so I hope it will be a park-like area for leisure use.

Project description

The design will cover the whole atrium area and new buildings.I use two different combinations of pavement to handle the atrium area. The "soft pavement" is divided into mounds and lawns, The lawn is planted with trees, providing users with a shady area. "Hard pavement" is divided into roads and sidewalks, but they all use floor tiles to makeup tiles, It's just the color difference.The new building is designed with a rectangular structure and a curtain wall, and is designed with double skin, with the first skin of a curtain wall and the second skin of a black glass, which can block the sun and create facial gesture expressions of facade.

Technical information

The building's facade is a curtain wall, but there is a ventilation gap at the glass joint.The second glass uses black glass and a push-pull window to set it up, allowing the user to choose the area to be shaded.

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