Alfons Mucha Gallery

Eva Svárovská
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering
Czech Republic

Project idea

The goal was to create an art gallery for artworks of Alfons Mucha in Prague, Holešovice. The shape of the building reflects elements like cloth or woman's hair, which are being repeated through most of Mucha's paintings. The building should be elegant and attract attention by its shape and at night by its luminous facade. It's located next to the Tipsport Arena Praha.

Project description

The object consists of three floors:
underground: garages, building services technologies, restoration workrooms
1st floor - entrance hall, all of the Mucha's artworks in 4 connected exhibition halls, restaurant, souvenir shop and others
2nd floor - universal exhibition hall, workshops, lecture rooms and offices
The part of thee project was also designing the surrounding of the gallery. I decided to use water elements supplemented by greenery to create a suitable parter for Alfons Mucha's Gallery.

Technical information

The construction is made of GFRC panels supported by rainforced concrete walls and columns. Surface of the building differs through different part of the building. Entrance hall and restaurant are iluminated through panels of insulating glass. Exhibition halls are equipped with special gallery soffit, which allowes the light to go through in a specific way. All the facade is covered by a net with light elements.

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