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Besarta Xhaferi
UACS | University American College Skopje

Project idea

The goal of the project was to create good conditions for studying, by optimizing opportunities for a pleasant everyday life, as well as meaningful leisure time.
The site of the propsed project is located between complex building of faculties of STU. One of the challengeS was to remove the temporary and heavy laboratory buildings in the middle, way which gives the opportunity of greenery, free and clean courtyard.
The new building is gone be located in the north- wes side of the site, so the public space be as bright as possible from the sun.
The concept of the formation of landscaping is formed with the help of the mesh structure the green and pedestrian frame. In that part is planed to place various seating space for relaxing and working space too. In fact, the place where it will be located is the place of the heavy laboratory building.
They gone be formed by steel panels and for the seating area is gone be used concrete and wood material.
All around the other left space sit a multitude of gentle grassy slope and the dis level looks to ben extension, welcoming people to walk on, rest and play around. Around the stairs will be some trees planted too, to create shade.

Project description

The bulding consist of two underground floors and seven above ground.
The underground floors are used for technical background and the parinkg spaces which offer more free space and greenery in groundfloor.
The ground floor carry the function of info services and lobby, than in the first floor are restorant and coffee bar, the second one has exhibition space and multipurpose spaces. The upper floor main carry the function of Innovative interdisciplinary research center followed by prestation center of science and research and the amphitheatre, floors which also have communication ramps between them.
The part of the administration, exept some of the offices which are scattered on the floors, also has a separate part.
Library is a space wich offers study spaces too. The top floor has a green terass wich is connected with the workshops area.
The purpose of the object is promoting transparency through design, to solve the problems of direct sunlight are used panels wich allow controlling the light and sunlight levels inside the building.

Technical information

Suspended structures that come to the forefront in the technical sense are seen in the design. These structures constitute the workshop, multipurpose, and cafe areas of the project. This system which is built on the entrance side is supported by the cores in which the stairs and the elevator are located, and an entrance from the ground floor to the upper floor is provided.
The green roof system used in the building was created by being influenced by the beautiful view of city.
The main supporting system is a reinforced concrete skeleton. The facade of the object is mainly white and consists of square-shaped segments It is made of glass and panels that will be used for energy conservation and to avoid the directly sunlight.


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