Interior Design

214 Yenga

Ramiro Saavedra Llosa
Universidad Mayor Real y Pontificia San Francisco Xavier de Chuquisaca
Plurinational State of Bolivia

Project idea

The proposal seeks through the simple combination of materials placed one on top of the other (Yenga) the relevance of the textures, the rusticity of the elements, and turn them into something completely different from their context so that it is visually striking.

It includes the rescue of the material, showing it with all its characteristics, in combination with complementary elements.

Contemporary design together with its application in commercial contexts and how these help the client to improve sales and generate distinction between other elements (Juxtaposition)

Project description

It is proposed to generate a sales space with a rustic theme, simple elements of composition, but at the same time the creation of a milestone in the food court, where the project stands out from all the other stands and generate an improvement in sales for the client.

'Minimal architecture with a great impact on the context'

Technical information

The proposal uses materials with their rustic characteristics, rescuing their properties, showing the material as the main and decorative element.

The design proposes an environment with simple and at the same time comfortable elements, lighting plays a very important role in generating familiarity for users and customers. The materials used are pine wood for the top counter and counter (2 "x 2"), metal fasteners such as screws, varnish and white glue, multilaminated wood, trupan, LED lighting and acrylic are some of the essential elements in the proposal.

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