Platform Plus

Manushache Bekteshi, Zuhejra Osmani
UACS- School of architecture and design

Project idea

It was necessary to strengthen the existing connection to the main public spaces and social areas of faculty
buildings, especially at ground level. The idea of the yard is to have places for students and employees to relax and
socialize so is tried to free up space as possible in the yard. The first idea for the project was to have a volume next
to the laboratory but that volume was in two levels and occupied the yard. So, after analyzing the problem, the
new building is raised in height to achieve communication and outdoor common areas.

Project description

The location of the “Innovation Center of STU” is in Bratislava, Slovakia. The land of the lies between Freedom Sq.,
Kollar Sq., Starohoská and Radlinská streets. It is located in proximity of important public urban spaces and the
main development axis connecting the center of the city with its other parts.
Platform Plus is a new building that connects to the existing laboratory. The laboratory contains a strict program,
and Platform Plus contains a free work program and fulfills the needs of students. There are two big terraces that
characterize the building and give an impression of liveliness. The environment of the location needed something
that can make the area more attractive. From this analysis came the idea of using colors that would enliven that
circle. Since the greenery has given an attraction to the place, we thought that the color red will gain the contrast
between these colors and the place will become even more attractive. The spaces where the red color was used
are in places where there was greenery such as on terraces, in laboratory walls and in vertical communications.

Technical information

The laboratory is a building with four levels and is a skeletal concrete construction. It has three lifts and stairs as
main communication of the building and two fire staircases. The two main façades are with glass to reach natural
lightning in the working spaces. There are also atriums to reach the lightning in the spaces that are dark.
The ground floor is a space for entrance space, presentation space, caffeteria and technical space. These
functions are connected with one entrance. The cafeteria has another entrance directly from the yard. The
exhibition space has its own entrance with sanitary and lockers. The first floor has research center and
administration and is connected with the new building. The second floor has the research center. A volume is
added at the terrace for the lockers, sanitary and caffe bar for the sport space. The terrace is also a space for
sitting and is connected with the terrace of the new building.
Platform plus is a new building with 8 floors. The building has a steel construction and the facades are with glass.
It has one main staircase and two lifts and one fire staircase. Every floor has its program. The ground floor is open.
The first floor is a lobby and workshops. The second floor has workshops and a two-floor lobby. The third floor is
the terrace with greenery and space for relaxation. The following floors have study rooms and classrooms, cafeteria
and library, a multipurpose space and library. The last floor is also an open terrace with greenery.

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